Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Women need not be helpless!

Time and again, women find themselves all alone at home for various reasons: The partner may be off to work, the children may be at school.

I'll offer the advice given by one of the characters in L.L'Amour's novel, "comstock lode". "look about you, it's not necessary to have a gun or a knife...everywhere are weapons. Study your own room, your own neighborhood as if it was a battleground. Learn how to use it for your defence,for escape, for counterattack! Have a plan. Know what to do when he comes through the window..."

She tells a story of a woman who found herself alone and had no weapons. One night a robber broke into her home. "...she took the paint brush from the red paint pot and as he reached for her she slashed him across the eyes with her red paint brush! He opened his mouth to howl,and she thrust the brush down his throat,then she dumped the paint over his head and began flailing him with the empty bucket.

He fled, and the police caught him down the block in a sorry state... and she? Afew flecks of red paint on her flannel night gown!

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