Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Strength of a Woman"

Did you know that?
(a) Generally, women live longer than men?
(b) It is almost impossible for men to carry a pregnancy for nine months and then survive the child birth?
(c) Very few men, if any, can multitask, a common phenomenon in women?
(d) Generally, men who are married (to women) live longer and healthier lives than single men?
(e) Majority of households in Kenya are run by women especially in this age of ‘absentee’ husbands?
(f) Very few men, if any, can successfully manage to raise a child as a single parent, a common phenomenon in many ladies?
(g) The first person to preach about Christ was a woman?
(h) You can go on and on with these kind of questions until you ask 21 questions?

In your 21 questions, is it possible to pinpoint something that remotely resembles a weakness? Because the last time I checked, women were not only just vessels, but weak vessels.. in fact this goes on to prove that women are actually more equal than men!

I am asking all the successful ladies out there (university/college students and lectures, business executives, employees (private and government institutions): How would you feel if I came up to you and told you that you are in that position just because you were favored over a male colleague and not because you are capable?

This is basically the translation of Affirmative action: 1 woman = ½ man. It advocates for the tilting of the playing field in favor of the better team; much like a match between Man U (women) Vs. Harambee Stars (men), which have exchanged uniforms. How would you even enjoy such a match?

This flawed perception of the female gender as weak has greatly contributed to gender- based violence especially one directed against women. You should always remember that any man who perpetrates violence against women/children has a weakness (either mentally or physically), and is trying to prove to himself that he is strong. He therefore seeks something weaker than himself to hit on. Since the ladies have been told they are weak they, therefore, neither defend themselves nor run away.

It is therefore time to change the perception of women as weak:
• If you call yourself a strong lady, back it up and make an effort to learn at least one basic physical defensive or offensive technique. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for violence. But the Bible does not say that people who kill by the sword should be prayed for!

• I am encouraging girls’ schools to introduce defensive sports as a compulsory extra curricular activity.

• Parents with girls should treat them as strong human beings and not as weak vessels. They should make sure that they introduce them to defensive arts at the earliest opportunity. They should enable them to defend themselves.If you keep on telling a person is weak,and that she'll amount to nothing, rest assured that it will come true!

• I am planning in future to advocate for criminalization of the idea that a girl/lady can be ‘cheated’ into having irresponsible sex by a man! I am talking about future because currently some girls and ladies are still wallowing in the miasma of the ‘weak vessel theories’ so they can, conceivably, be ‘cheated’.

•Never agree to be part of the 30% being called for by Affirmative action theorists, unless you want to tell us you couldn’t make it through your qualification and capabilities.

For your own safety remember that “attack is the best form of defense”. This is because even if you accidentally got justice (it’s never guaranteed!), the damage will already have been done!

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