Friday, May 1, 2009

FIDA on sex and politics

In their 'wisdom' FIDA has just come up with a panacea for all Kenya's political woes: forced 'chill' for all Kenyan men.

What they have suddenly realized is that there is something called 'women power' in politics. However they are going it the wrong way. For starters, the men to be subjected to the 'chill' voted and that's it! secondly, there's no way the men in question can get to Kibaki and Raila.

Thirdly, taking politics to the bedroom will just cause more heat than light.

There is a better way: Women in Kenya constitute about 52% of the voters, and since the shortcut to preventing post- election violence is by avoiding a presidential election, they can just tell the women voters not to vote. This will halt the murderous political system in Kenya!

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