Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kirchner, Rousseff, Johnson-Sirleaf,Thatcher, Gillard ..

These and more lady-leaders should serve as proof enough that given a chance, ladies are as good leaders as (some even better than) men.

Lady, you have the power to give ladies the chance:vote for them! Be part of LADIES -CHANGE- THE- WORLD MOVEMENT!

Friday, October 21, 2011


of course, all those ladies voted 4 MEN. And chances are that in 2012 majority of them will vote for men.

There is a saying in France : the more things change, the more they remain the Same.

The million francs question is: what's. the point of ladies having suffrage rights if they can't use them to cause real changes??!

Ladies -change -the- world movement !

Saturday, October 1, 2011

CJ Mutunga to Islam: women are human beings, too. And they are capable of being Kadhis!

I sometimes do have a problem with the way many religions treat women: women are not considered human enough to merit leadership positions in many religions,forget the fact that they form the bulk of the congregations.

I can flip the coin and state that it's actually women who allow religion to treat themas nobodies, albeit with a little help from ignorance. I beg to illustrate using a simple exampleof how women have changed the way things are done in Kenya.

A few years back about (15 years ago) it was inconceivable- nay, scratch that, it was actually considered a sin- for a lady to attend a PCEA church service without a head cover,and I can assure you there are all manner of justifications in the old testament. Some ladies just decided not to wear the head gear anymore, and after much struggle, it is currently the norm, bar for the woman's guild.I can assure you that the trousers are next...

My point in all this is that even those retrogressive religious and cultural norms against women can be changed if the ladies want to.