Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sentenced to caning for Driving: Saudi women treated like kids.

I do feel for Saudi women;I wouldn't even recommend caning to children as a way of correcting deviant behavior as it actually doesn't work. Having said that,however, why would a lady want to expose herself to the risk of the Indignity of being whipped just to get the right to drive?

I am stating this in view of the fact that some rights are not even worth the trouble. women in Kenya have the right to drive, Do you know how many women in kibera or korogocho drive? This fight for the right to drive is actually being fought for the rich ladies!

Being caned for right to vote is a bit more understandable ,because even if you are poor one can afford to vote.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Prof. Wangari Mathai, possibly one of the best Presidents Kenya never had!

The world,and indeed Kenya has lost one of it's premier leaders, the Nobelist, Prof. Wangari M Mathai.May God rest her soul in eternal Peace.

She did run for the presidency in Kenya but was unsuccessful,thanks to the fact that majority of Kenyans wouldn't recognize great if it came from heaven and hit them on the face! Being a woman in a century where even women themselves(from America to Zimbabwe) don't believe ladies can be leaders didn't do her cause a whole lot of good either.

I can't help but feel a personal loss as a Kenyan for all that would have been had we given the Great lady a chance to serve us.

I hope that her legacy in environmental and human rights fights opens everyone's eyes, and especially the ladies, to finally realize the leadership qualities inherent in each and everyone of us(male or female).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The power of a lady's vote!

IS there any lady out there who is willing to buy into my idea that women can change the world with their vote?

It is such a pity that a century of suffrage rights for ladies in the US of A has produced little significant changes that can be emulated by women in places like Saudi Arabia or Kenya!

LADIES-CHANGE- THE- WORLD MOVEMENT is for ladies who realize that at over 50% of the registered voters, they have the muscle to bridge the gap between gender equality principle and practice. PURPOSE TO JOIN! N/B: By voting for a woman,a woman voter effectively plants a seed for her own elevation and recognition, and in effect, empowerment in the corporate world.Women corporate leadership follows hot in the heels of women political leadership!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Article 27(3) of the Kenyan constitution states categorically that women and men are to be provided with equal opportunities,economically,socially, politically...

In effect the spirit, and the letter of the law provides that both genders are equal and that they should be treated as such in all spheres of life.

It,therefore, beggars belief that these same women-leaders are willing to plunge the country into a constitutional crisis in pursuit of a third.if the threats they are splashing around is anything to go by! I consider this the height of myopia and stupidity! And they can sue me,

Politically ladies can achieve a half(1/2),and they should join me @ LADIES -CHANGE- THE- WORLD MOVEMENT