Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama on Domestic violence

During the domestic awareness month, Obama stated that one in every four women will experiece domestic violence in her life time. However, statics mean s*?"! I mean, imagine you are 'the one in four' who gets the stuffing kicked out of,would it console you to know that at least there are three women who are not being clobbered?

The interesting nugget of information I gleaned from that speech was that "...these women could be people we love- a mother, a daughter or a sister" . Glaring omissions: a wife and a lover! I guess he knows that there are only three queens in a man's life. The rest, get a life !

By the bye, how would a lover or a wife know that her partner is a 'candidate' for Domestic violence category? The following links may help: www.helpguide.org www.nlm.nih.gov www.allaboutlifechallenges.org

REMEMBER: Domestic violence is all about attempts at DOMINANCE by one partner! This essentially means that the person who commits the act has some kind of weakness and is trying to cover up. I am not telling you this so that you can feel pity, just FYI. You dont believe it?

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