Thursday, July 14, 2011

Want to beat Obama 2012? A white conservative lady is all you need, e.g Michelle Bachmann!

For those who are uninitiated in the murky world of politics, Obama is the classic America-land-of-equal-opportunity poster boy!In him,Democrats have given the people of America the golden opportunity to walk the talk. The only way for Republicans to make Obama a one-time president is by matching the democrat's idea.Believe you me, no American is ready to be ,even remotely, associated with the term White-supremacist or racist by voting against Obama.Therefore,a white male republican candidate against Obama will end up being an also-ran.

As far as matching the democrat's idea goes,a white conservative lady perfectly fits the bill.For starters, Women have been one major 'race' that has been treated as second class citizens for so long. This is especially so in politics. By giving a woman the chance,the Republicans will be able to convince the voters that they are walking the talk of equal opportunity,albeit with a difference: gender equality.

Secondly,as evidenced by the mid-term beating the democrats received from the Tea-party conservatives, clearly this is the way to in 2012.

Thirdly,ladies pack quite a numerical punch as far as voter numbers are concerned.Following the news of the Saudi Arabia's women suffrage-rights fights, they might decide to finally make their votes count and...

Incidentally, this seems to be the season of Lady-leaders, from Thailand to Argentina...

Michelle Bachmann might just be what the doctors ordered!

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