Wednesday, July 6, 2011

God: "Dad or mum?"

I recently had an insightful conversation with a certain male octogenarian. He intimated that immediately he held his first born in his arms,he said just one simple prayer."God if you ever decide to take one of us(his wife or him), please let it be me".

He went right ahead to explain to me the reasoning behind this very unselfish prayer:" If my wife is taken and I am left with the kids, the kids might end up growing up as "street children".This is because chances are, I will hook up with another woman,raise her kids and neglect mine.
However, if God were to take me I could rest in peace with the assurance that my kids will do just fine.If need be, she would go out of her way to look for a man to provide for the kids".

Fortunately both of them are still alive, on their way to their late seventies.

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