Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Senators, Governors 2012

Kenyans are a funny lot. They vote for a new constitutional dispensation and then they refuse to change in line with the new constitution! The new constitution is “a new wineskin” but the attitude of most Kenyans is still in the old constitution mode.

This essentially means that we are putting old wine (Kenyans and their mentality) into a new wineskin (a new constitutional dispensation), and hopping the wine will mature with age or something...

If you listen to most Kenyans' potential candidates for the seats of Governors and Senators, you will get the following qualifications: Male, old( double retired) monied! The more things change the more the remain the same...

Male is a term normally interchangeable with leadership in many Kenyans Mind irrespective of Gender.

Old is normally confused with appropriate experience and wisdom

Money is a crucial ingredient in politics as Kenyans are generally corrupt and one needs lots of money to bribe them to vote for you.

By the bye, if you even dream of not voting for ladies in the above positions in 2012, I'll just quote a certain gentleman for you “basi, wewe ni kubaff, m...”! Alternatively, I'll just assume you are corrupt (sugar, shuka...) and report you to one prof.PLO...

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