Friday, August 20, 2010


Australia goes to the polls soon. The ladies in Australia happen to enjoy full suffrage rights since 1890s. However, this right has been much abused such that apart from the Premiership, Australian women have nothing to show for their suffrage rights as far as gender composition of elected bodies is concerned.

In fact, the fact of Australia having a lady Prime Minister seems pretty much a function of default rather than design.

Given that Ladies make up more or less half the number of registered voters in Australia, the prevailing gender representation in elective positions is untenable. It's time the number of elected female leaders reflected the gender balance of the registered voters.

This can be done by ladies voting only for lady candidates in elections...unless, of course, LADY LEADER is an oxymoron!

In the likely event of this not happening and the gender imbalances remain, then I think it's time Australian ladies forfeited their suffrage rights and left men to lord over them. After all, men do not need the input of women to elect men!

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