Saturday, May 15, 2010

Of ladies' suffrage rights

All societies in the world literally depend on the ladies for survival, especially in the raising of the children. Ladies actually reign supreme at the family level (ask any man about the value of his mom!). However, at the larger society level, ladies still allow themselves to be treated as second rate citizens or ‘filler material’- and especially in elections!

Did U know that after much struggle, New Zealand became the first country in the world to grant women the rights to vote (suffrage) in 1893, but women were not allowed to run for office until 1919? Finland became the first country in the world to grant women full suffrage (right to vote and run for office) in 1906.USA gave full suffrage rights to ladies on 1920.

In other words before 1893, ladies were not considered Human enough to have rights. Unfortunately, a century after the ladies fought for, and got the right to vote and run for office, they are still begging for a third (1/3) of the elective positions!

Well, it doesn't help matters that some ladies are like a certain “mama pima” (name withheld), who believes that “leaders” is a Greek word that means “men” or that Lady leader is an oxymoron!

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