Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of Kenyan Ladies' representation in the DRAFT constitution

Many ladies in Kenya are all for the draft constitution in the mistaken belief that once it passes, they will laugh all the way to the bank-sorry, to parliament!

I appreciate the fact that from nothing to 47 seats is some milestone,but to me 13.5% is nowhere near enough.In addition, the 2/3rds rule in the draft is just "the spirit of the law" devoid of "the letter of the law".

"The letter of the Law" would have dictated that there be specific steps to ensure the attainment of 33% representation. As things stand now, new constitution or not, I don't see how the legislation to get at least a third of the seats being occupied by the ladies (especially in parliament) will ever happen, especially in the backdrop of previous attempts by some guys to sue the COE for giving "too many seats" to ladies in the draft.

If we leave everything to the new constitution, the best the ladies would get in 2012 would be just that:13.5%! And you can take this to the bank!

The men voters will be hard pressed to vote for a lady candidates after they realize that there are exclusive county seats where they (men) are not even allowed to contest!To me the 47 county seats provision for the ladies in the draft constitution is basically a poison chalice!

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