Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hillary Clinton vs Obama '08

It might be a moot point here to state that Hillary Clinton could have defeated Obama to clinch the democratic ticket, and eventually triumphed over the republican nominee thereby ending up in the White House as the president of the US of A.

All this could be true today, but for two crucial factors:
(a) The weakness ‘’mentality’’ in the ladies
(b) September 11th coupled with the economic melt down.

Once September 11th and the catastrophic world economic collapse happened, Hillary’s goose was cooked. It mattered little that the majority of voters in the USA are actually women .In fact it’s precisely this feminine numerical strength that put paid her white house ambitions.
Most ladies are ‘anti-Obama’, so to speak, always chanting to themselves ‘no we can’t’. They believe in their hearts of heart that they are ‘weak’. This ‘feeling’ exists irrespective of class, level of education or race. This 'weakness mentality' breeds jealousy (a kind of mental defense mechanism), which gets expressed as hate. This explains why women hate each other’s guts with a passion.
Confronted with situations where the ‘stakes are high’, ladies will choose a man over a woman any day. My hypothesis here is that the lady will reason with herself:
‘’This thing is too big I couldn’t possibly ‘cut it’. She is just a lady like me so she probably can’t either’.
By the time the lady gets to the ballot box, ‘probably’ has turned into ‘certainty’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

The stakes were pretty high in the Democratic Party nominations where they risked losing to the Republican nominee. With the country under perpetual threat from the al qaida coupled with the economic crises, stakes couldn’t be higher. In the minds of many (men included) the choice was clear: a ‘strong hand’ (read man) was required at the helm.
I stand here, and not to be corrected, that in any future US elections (presidential) where a lady is a candidate, the whole campaign will hinge upon defense threats to the country. And until the ladies wake up to the realization that a chief executive (president) will not literally take up arms (.22, .45 or AK47) and defend the country, the presidents will EVER be male.

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