Monday, December 21, 2009

marriage or mirage?

All of us {male/female} have been brought up by a lady, with or without the help of a man! Nowadays, an increasing number of married men are not helping in the raising of their children, financially or otherwise. This means, therefore, that the society is literally depending solely on the ladies for survival!

If you are not a ‘miss indipendent’ don’t even dream of getting married or even having a child. Being ‘miss independent’ means being able to financially bring up a child with or without the help of the child’s father.

Remember there are all types of men out there. Some will throw you out into the street when pregnant or with children; some will just not care whether you and your children ate or not; others will transform you into a football or a drum. A lot of them are ‘Tiger Woods’ minus the money and fame, of course. There are good men out there, but as with all good things, they are few and far between!

By the bye for majority of the ladies, marriage has become a hollow promise of paradise,a mirage!

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