Monday, September 26, 2011

Prof. Wangari Mathai, possibly one of the best Presidents Kenya never had!

The world,and indeed Kenya has lost one of it's premier leaders, the Nobelist, Prof. Wangari M Mathai.May God rest her soul in eternal Peace.

She did run for the presidency in Kenya but was unsuccessful,thanks to the fact that majority of Kenyans wouldn't recognize great if it came from heaven and hit them on the face! Being a woman in a century where even women themselves(from America to Zimbabwe) don't believe ladies can be leaders didn't do her cause a whole lot of good either.

I can't help but feel a personal loss as a Kenyan for all that would have been had we given the Great lady a chance to serve us.

I hope that her legacy in environmental and human rights fights opens everyone's eyes, and especially the ladies, to finally realize the leadership qualities inherent in each and everyone of us(male or female).

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