Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hi intelligent, lady
1. It is time to move on up past the equality debate. In fact, and as far as I can tell, ladies are more equal than men!

2. Ladies are as good leaders as (some even better than) their male counterparts! Extensive research shows that companies with many ladies in positions of decision making consistently outperform their competitors. Actually, a country without equal representation of ladies in all decision making positions is like a home without a mother!

3.We don't have a shortage of qualified lady-leaders. However, we have a severe shortage of lady voters who realize that they have the power of change in their hands.The power of Equal representation is in your hands, or rather, your vote. Vote only for lady candidates and change the world!

In most countries ladies make up over 50% registered voters. When all ladies vote for lady candidates,we will have gender equality in elective positions,thereby opening up a highway for the achievement of MDG3( Millennium Development Goal #3,ie gender equality)

Tell as many lady acquaintances (friends and enemies) as possible. Start with all those phonebook contacts,workmates,social media friends etc.

Do this for your daughter: by voting for a lady, you will give her many role models to look up to,on top of proving to her that you believe ladies are strong and capable!

In my books it doesn't sound intelligent for a lady to stand in a voting line for hours, vote for a man, and then shout at the top of her voice that "the government should empower women"!

It is time for ladies like you to change the world by empowering women with your vote!

You may also join me at the group strength of a woman-Kenya
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This project is being funded by intelligent ladies like you. I'll take your one dollar or 100 bob,and hope you don't go broke as a result! Feel free to use the M-pesa a/c below. Thanx a bunch!


Moneygram: Ephraim Njuguna Ngugi

N/B:I am planning to accomplish three things by the end of the day:
1. Put a fullstop at the end of the following sentence"ladies and gentlemen are EQUAL."
2. Start the following sentence "Ladies and gentlemen, lets start behaving as equal, thinking human beings"
3.bridge the gap between gender- equality-rights principle and practice

“To be powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are then you aren’t”. Margaret Thatcher.

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  1. By the bye, ladies the world over can vote for ladies at leisure.However,for KENYA it has to be 2012. This is in order to head off a potential constitutional crisis in 2012, occasioned by section 81(b)of the party manifesto masquerading as the new constitution!