Thursday, October 7, 2010

Madam President 2012, Kenya? NO!

Not that we are not ready for a lady as president,but this happens to be a bad time for one. I'll explain.

The presidency under the new constitution is, for all practical purposes and intents, merely a ceremonial shell. All the executive powers previously enjoyed by the president in the old constitution have been severely Checked. In fact, the president will even be required to ask permission from Parliament in order to scratch his/her behind! This in itself isn't bad.

The presidency has also been divorced from parliament such that parliament can fire the president at will with minimum repercussions, if any,to parliament.

However, knowing Kenyans, they will continue to blame everything that goes wrong,including their marital problems on the president. I mean, if MPs didn't read the constitution...?

Put a Madam president at statehouse and I can guarantee you she will be fired faster than she can say " me God". And you can take this to the bank. It will be worse because the Madam president will be fired together with her gender, especially if Bony Khalwale... and this is a story for another day.

However, after the first five years(2017), ladies will be good to go.

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