Monday, February 8, 2010

Gender Equality and Politics: The relationship

The ladies in Kenya constitute over 50%+1 of the registered voters. However, their representation in parliament barely scratches a 10%! Given that the value or weight of a vote is the same regardless of the gender of the holder of such a vote,what happens to our ladies' votes is a puzzle no one is bothering to solve.

Unfortunately, nobody ever tells our ladies that their representation in parliament is the sole criteria that the government uses to allocate senior government post, and not the actual population.A good example is the elections coordinators recently appointed by the IIEC. Overall, women constitute about 14% of all the constituency coordinators,a reflection of the overall representation of women in the 10th parliament!

We shall shout MDG3 until we go blue in the face, but we will always end up with 10% representation of ladies in parliament, and a similar percentage in top government position. It's high time we got equal representation of women and men in elective positions.

Towards this goal, I am carrying out 'project Queensville 2012'. This is a project primarily aimed at ensuring that half(50%) of all Parliamentary positions will be held by the ladies after the 2012 general election. This will, in effect, create a GENDER FOUNTAIN from which gender equity will flow to the rest of the society.

I plan on reaching about 5 million ladies before the General Elections slated for 2012. The message to all these ladies: VOTE exclusively for lady candidates in the 2012 general elections! This applies to all the elective positions up for grabs in 2012.

By my reckoning,the only reason some ladies don't vote for fellow ladies is because they have a "weakness mentality". Such ladies believe they are weak and they,therefore, cant get their minds round the idea that their fellow females could be capable of being leaders. They end up voting for men because to their minds,leadership means men!

Nota bene: if you have ever voted for a lady candidate,or that 2012 will be your first time just consider yourself officially a "Queen of spades" i.e an intelligent & strong lady!

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